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Radio Frequency Ablation Treatment

Your vascular doctor visit is quite a short visit, so you can plan your day accordingly. You can eat and drink prior to the treatment. You can plan to go back to work or to your normal daily activities right after the procedure. In fact, you will be encouraged by your doctor to walk.

This is what to expect during the procedure: after numbing your skin, a very thin laser catheter is inserted into your diseased vein. When the laser is on, the catheter is withdrawn from your vein, sealing the vein shut. To prevent any irritation from the radio-frequency heat, we inject a solution of saline water with Lidocaine (like in a dentist’s office) around the treated vein. Once the vein is treated,compression stockings or bandages are applied to your leg, so please bring comfortable shoes with you (crocks, sandals, slippers are recommended). You will be asked to wear compression stockings for up to 4 weeks after the treatment to ensure success of the treatment.

Again, our friendly team will schedule you for a short fifteen minute post-procedure visit usually a few days after the procedure, which will include another Ultrasound examination to ensure the perfect closure of the treated vein(s).

Follow Up visits after completed treatment

After your treatment is completed, you will be asked to come back three, six and/or twelve months later for your follow up visits. It is very rare that the treated veins will become insufficient again if you follow your doctor’s instructions and provide adequate compression for four weeks after the procedure. However, since you are already predisposed to venous insufficiency, you may notice that other veins in your legs may become abnormal over time. Therefore, follow up visits are very important to recognize and prevent such problems before they start developing into an active disease of severe venous insufficiency. The follow up visits will be scheduled at your convenience. Preventive care is as important as the treatment, so please help us help you.

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